Sunday, September 19, 2010

What This Blog is About

 ‘Only Slightly to the Right’ is a blog dedicated to the idea that the current policy options facing the United States on most any topic do not impress the center majority of the country, which in itself can be characterized as right of center.  As I discuss issues with friends, the result is repeatedly the same that on topics facing the economy, foreign relations, and social issues, neither the position of the Republican or Democratic parties represent us.  It is time for someone to say this.  Neither party is listening to the center of the electorate.  It seems as if the middle is being yanked to either the extreme right or left, and it is time to say ‘H--- no! We won’t go!’

The first purpose of this blog is to examine various issues from both the right and the left and point out where they do not make sense, and by ‘make sense’,  I mean that both policy options are ‘illogical’ from a Spock point of view.  There are many times in the course of watching our public debates that I want to take representatives of both sides, bang their heads together, and shout as loudly as I can in their ears “GET REAL!!”

The second purpose of this blog is to ‘work things out.’  I don’t have all the answers.  In fact, I hardly have any answers.  Regardless, I think I know a bad answer when I hear it.

That leaves one question.  Who am I?  I am a guy who has had a number of jobs in both the private and public sectors, most in finance, planning, and management.  My educational background includes studies in public administration, public policy, finance and accounting, computer systems, mathematics, and recently, economics.  I grew up as a conservative Republican who loved Nixon up until he broke my heart.  I have also liked some Democrats such as John Kennedy and Birch Baye.  This is my first attempt ever at trying to be public with my opinion.  I would prefer spending my time taking classes, learning new things, enjoying close relationships, and looking forward.  But if more of us from the old middle would be more vocal, perhaps our politics will change.

This blog will be updated with a new post at least once a week through the 2010 elections.  After that I will re-evaluate. The opinions are mine and mine alone, and don’t reflect a survey or other instrument that attempts to assess the middle of the political spectrum.  The first post is a longer than most.  It lays out some principles upon which I based my opinions.  The second post is a simple statement on what I believe is the most important priority in the current recession.  The third post continues the economic discussion with some comments on the current Chair of the Council of Economic Advisors.  The fourth post starts a series to take on some of the economic positions of the two parties.

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